{slide= Solar panel (3.2 kW) installation on the roof of the department |closed|scroll}

Panels were donated by Sivananthan Laboratories Inc., USA



{slide= PV workshop |closed|scroll}

PV workshop at the department conducted at the department and Greengrass Hotel on April 16-17.04.2014

*Six scientists from Sivananthan Laboraries, USA were served as resource persons. Sivananthan Laboraries Inc. and HETC sponsored this activities.



{slide= PV training session  |closed|scroll}

PV training session held at the refurbished research laboratory which was open by Prof.Sivananthan, UIC, USA



{slide= Visit of Academics/Researchers  |closed|scroll}

Research team from University of Malaya 


Meeting with collaborator, Professor Sivananthan, UIC, USA


Dissemination of knowledge 

Our external examiner, Dr.Vincent Smith, University of Bristol, UK is delivering talk to the undergraduates and the Advance level students at the Department of Physics, UJ and St. John’s College, respectively.