National and International Research grants (> 35 million rupees) won by the staff for the following projects 

Title of the Project Investigator(s) Period
From      To
Optoelectronic properties of 
hybrid Metal oxide / Polymer 
(since May 2005)
NRC  11,000,000   
Hot Electron Spectroscopic
Studies of indirect tunnel barriers
Dr. S. Sivaraya(PI) 2004–2006 TWAS        770,000  
Low cost solar cells based on 
Nanocrystalline titanium dioxide 
and vegetable dyes
Prof.P.Ravirajan(PI) 2006–2009 IFS    1,100,000  
Fabrication and Characterization 
of Hybrid organic/metal oxides 
Nano structured PV devices
Prof.P.Ravirajan(PI) 2006–2009 NRC    8,350,000  
Characterization of Nanostructured 
polymer / Fullerene solar cells  
Prof.P.Ravirajan(PI) 2007–2011 NSF    1,900,000  
Improving the performance 
of Hybrid TiO2 / Polymer solar
cell using interface modifiers
Prof.P.Ravirajan(PI) 2011–2015 NRC    8,000,000  
Gel-Polymer Electrolytes for
Sodium Batteries
2015-2018 NRC 5,000,000   


TWAS – The World Academy of Sciences, Italy

NRC – National Research Council, Sri Lanka

IFS – International Foundation for Science, Sweden

NSF – National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka

University Research Grants (4 millions rupees) won by the staff for the following projects 

Title of the Project Investigators Year of
Amount (LKR)
Synthesis and Characterization of
Low-Cost Heat Transfer Fluids and
Novel Polymer Electrolytes
Dr.K.Vignarooban 2014 600,000.00 
Improving the efficiency of crystalline
silicon solar cell using CdSe quantum
dots as an anti-reflection layer /
photon down converter
Mr.S.Senthuran 2014  550,000.00 
Fabrication of ZnO/ZnS nanostructures
for PV and chemical sensing application
Mr.M.Thanihaichelvan   2014 567,000.00 
Fabrication of CdS/TiO2 Nanostructured
solar cells
Mr.M.Thanihaichelvan 2013 170,000.00 
Study the effect of hexylthiophene
polymers with different energy levels
as sensitizers in hybrid metal oxide/
polymer solar cells
Mr.K. Prashanthan 2014 598,000.00 


Investigation of Gel-Polymer Electrolytes
for Rechargeable Batteries
Dr.K.Vignarooban 2015 499,500.00
Comparative study on the performance of
Cadmium telluride & silicon solar panels in low light & high temperature conditions
Dr. Ramesh Dhere
2015 490,000.00
Modeling of Granular rheology, Granular fluidity and Granular Temperature in tumbling mills Dr.T.Pathmathas 2016 800,000.00
Tropical cyclone in current and future climate Over Sri Lanka: Results from Conformal Cubic Atmosphereic Model (CCAM) simulations Dr.A.Thevakaran 2016 798,000.00
Factors affecting the hydrothermal ageing resistance of Y-TZP ceramics and mechanisms for enhancing the hydrothermal ageing resistance Dr.(Ms) U.Sutharsini            2016 800,000.00
Enhancing the performance of Hybrid TiO2/P3HT Solar Cells by improving the charge transport using Carbon Nanotubes Mr.K.Prashanthan 2016 800,000.00